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Meet Laura

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If your heart yearns for stories that wrap you in warmth and hope, then let me introduce you to a world where love, family, and second chances take center stage. 

My name is Laura Ashwood, and I craft sweet, wholesome romances set amidst the charming backdrop of small towns. As you turn the pages, you'll meet relatable characters whose journeys through love and redemption will tug at your heartstrings. My stories celebrate the bonds of family, the beauty of forgiveness, and the sheer magic of finding love when you least expect it.


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This story was so well written and emotional. I found myself tearing up at times. Laura Ashwood knows how to make her characters come alive off of the page. I found myself fully involved in this story as if the characters were my own family or friends.

Tammy L.
Amazon Review of Summer at Bluefin Bay

What an amazing story! Three lost souls come together at the perfect time in their lives... The author does a fantastic job of making the reader fall in love with the characters. I was really rooting for them to all get their happy ending.

Amazon Review of A Groom for Ruby

This was such a fun read!!! The characters were real and down to earth. One of the biggest reasons I enjoyed the story so much was because the plot was something I truly believe in. Everything happens for a reason... It is just so very, very good. 

Delores G.
Amazon Review of One Sweet Christmas

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