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VIP Reader Group

Are you interested in being part of Laura's Exclusive Street Team?​

As a member of Laura's team, you'll receive the exclusive benefits listed below...


  • Access to special news, upcoming releases, promotions, and exclusive excerpts before they are posted anywhere else!

  • First to see new covers!

  • Personal interaction with Laura

  • Prizes

  • Giveaways

  • The chance to help name characters, pets, town and all other forms of inspiration!

  • Be part of a like minded group that loves to talk books (all kinds of books) and share funny stories, pictures, questions, or comments...

How your Participation Helps...

Once you join the Street Team, you'll find a list of little things you can do to help Laura spread the word about her books to others. Do them all, or do just one or two. Either way, you're spreading the word and also spreading the love. Remember, do whatever you feel comfortable doing, even if it’s just one thing. 

How to Join...


Joining this fabulous this team is easy. Just head on over to Facebook, and request to join the group called "Laura's Street Team." Here's the direct link:

I’m so honored that you’ve picked my team to be a member of. It's very much appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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