Snowflakes & Second Chances

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Lindsey Harper is having a very bad week and it’s about to get worse. After her boyfriend, make that ex-boyfriend, takes someone else on their vacation, all Lindsey wants is to spend a few days alone at the family cabin. When her car gets stranded in the snow on her way there, the last person she expected to see coming to her rescue was Ryan Ford. She had fallen for him when she was a teenager, and after he broke her heart she vowed to never see him again.

​Ryan Ford was looking forward to spending a few days at his best friend, Logan Harper’s family cabin. He had a deadline to meet and the solitude was just what he needed. When he gets a call that Logan’s little sister is lost in the snow storm, he has no choice but to find her. Only she’s not so little anymore.

Forced to spend the night at the cabin, will they get a second chance at love?​


A shortened version of Snowflakes & Second Chances appeared in Northern Kisses and Kiss or Kill Anthologies in 2018 as "Second Chances". Snowflakes & Second Chances is a longer, enhanced version of that story.

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