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Sunset at Bluefin Bay

SunsetatBluefinBay_Standard (1).jpg
Coming Late Spring 2024

Discover the true meaning of family in this heartwarming sequel.


Abby thought she had uncovered all of her husband's secrets after his death but discovers the web of lies he spun goes even further. Meanwhile, her relationship with her newly discovered stepdaughter, Cami, continues to blossom.

When Abby's estranged mother unexpectedly appears, family secrets are revealed, and old wounds are reopened. Can Abby find the strength to forgive and accept her family's flaws? With the help of her friends and the picturesque coastal town of Bluefin Bay, Abby and her family learn that forgiveness and acceptance can bring unexpected happiness.

In this heartwarming sequel, Abby discovers that true family is found not in blood, but in the connections we choose to make.


Sunset at Bluefin Bay is a sweet, lightly angsty, women’s fiction read about the power of found family, and how loss can bring the most unexpected blessings. Download today and get ready to fall in love with Bluefin Bay.

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