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On the tenth day of Christmas (in July)

Leaping into Day 10 with enthusiasm and joy! Today, we're taking inspiration from the lords a-leaping and making the most of every moment. Let's jump into the day with both feet! 🌈🙌

Today's gift is from Jessie Gussman. You can download it from Bookfunnel HERE.

A ruined quilt, a favor owed and Marigold Baldwin finds herself agreeing to step in for The Sweet Water Piece Makers who are in a jam and need a body for a blind date they’ve set up.

Would she have said yes if she’d have known her date was going to be her best friend?

Dodge Powers has been feeling a tug of attraction for his best friend, Marigold, for a while. When he finds out she’s going to be stood up on her date, he steps into save her – and suggests that they forget they’re best friends and act like it’s a real date. He takes a chance on having more, but he could lose everything he’d ever wanted.

Will these best friends take the risk of falling in love?

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see your next Christmas gift.


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