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On the twelfth day of Christmas (in July)

Here we are at the grand finale, Day 12. As the drummers drum, let's reflect on the past days and make today a culmination of joy, warmth, and cheer. 🎉🥁

Today's gift is from Tabitha Bouldin. You can download it from Bookfunnel HERE.

Danny Solomon has wanted one thing out of life: to help children overcome the pain of their past. He's suffered his own tragedies and there's nothing he wouldn't do to help others like himself.

When Phoenix arrives to take the job as his new guide at the equine therapy ranch he operates, Danny is reluctant at first. Phoenix is too raw, too hurt, to be a benefit to his camp. But he can't resist the sorrow he feels radiating from her.

Phoenix Nichols is desperate to escape her uncle and Danny's ranch is the perfect place to hide. She doesn't want anything from the small town cowboy except a safe haven to rest. What could be better than a horse camp in the middle of nowhere?

When Danny's ability to see the pain in Phoenix's past puts them at odds, the man she's been hiding from strikes one last time. Phoenix will need to learn to trust Danny if she's going to get out alive.

Thank you for celebrating Christmas in July with us.


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