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On the eighth day of Christmas (in July)

Day 8 is upon us, and it’s all about being resourceful and creative. Like the maids a-milking in the song, let’s draw from the richness of life and create something wonderful today. 🎨🌟

Today's gift is from Laina Turner! You can download it from Bookfunnel HERE.

In what seems like an instant Ari Evans’ life implodes, so she flees to Moonshire Bay to let the small town heal her. One thing she knows she doesn’t want—a relationship.

Jack Callahan has been playing it safe. Living in Moonshire Bay allows him to coast through with his shields up and blinders on, never truly experiencing life.

So what happens when Jack and Ari start working on a project together? Can their newfound friendship and attraction overcome their lack of trust?

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see your next Christmas gift.


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