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On the first day of Christmas (in July)

The summer is here and I’m ready to bring back some Christmas feeling. I’ve teamed up with some author friends to bring you 12 Days of Christmas in July. 12 days with a gift for you from each one of us. All you have to do is open your email every day and click to download your free book. Don’t delay—the books will only be free for twenty-four hours.

Today’s gift is from Teri Blake. Click HERE to get Tidewater Summer through Bookfunnel now.

When the recently divorced Karla Maples is offered the chance to take the money and run, she decides to not only keep her quaint beachside family home, but turn it into a bed and breakfast. Hospitality is in her blood, but the man offering to help her is more than he at first seems. Her high hopes are dashed when her ex decides to play dirty—using her children against her to get the house. Hoping she hasn’t made a huge mistake, Karla accepts the help of Sawyer, a land developer, to fix the issue. But when her kids don’t return from a family vacation, can Sawyer help her see more than a ‘for sale’ sign in her future?

Come back tomorrow to see your next Christmas gift.


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