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On the fourth day of Christmas (in July)

Who doesn’t love an awesome unrequited love story?

Today’s gift is from author Katherine Karrol. Taking Risk in Summit County is just waiting for you to dive in. Get your copy today.

When he looks across the room and sees the woman he’s known for years in a whole new light, everything changes. It doesn’t matter that she’s everything he wants. She’s off-limits.

She’s always known he was off-limits. The feelings she once had for him are in the distant past and need to stay there.

When circumstances keep throwing them together, it gets harder and harder to fight their feelings—or to hold onto the reasons they each have for hiding them. They’ve both learned from painful experience that wanting something isn’t enough and life doesn’t go along with carefully concocted plans, but they’re risk takers by nature. Can they put down their fears long enough to stop fighting against their desires? Can they trust God enough to put an uncertain future into His hands?

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see your next Christmas gift.


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