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On the second day of Christmas (in July)

Day two! A Christmas story in July! In Cathe Swanson’s book, a fill-in pastor might have to follow his calling because of a con man!

Today’s Christmas gift is Hope for the Holidays and you can get your copy HERE on Amazon, also in Kindle Unlimited

Micah Neresen only signed up to fill the pulpit temporarily, but he's become fond of his eccentric congregation at the Blessed Church of the Holy Lamb and Sacred Lion. He can't leave them until they've found a new pastor -- and he's pretty sure their favorite candidate is a con man!

Newly arrived from her home in the Congo and armed with a brand-new degree in nonprofit management, Carrie Strough is eager to organize and improve the Unity Plenkiss Community Center. Unfortunately, no one wants to be organized, and only Micah Neresen, the charming and handsome pastor of the local church, is interested in her plans. Or is he just interested in her?

With a cast of lively characters including an incorrigible con man, an elderly couple with an over-the-top Christmas display, a homeless vet with PTSD, a feisty committeewoman with a past of her own, and a police investigation, Micah and Carrie wonder if there is any hope for the holidays this year!

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