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On the third day of Christmas (in July)

Day three! Does anyone know what French hens look like?

Today’s Christmas gift is Macie St. James’ Mistletoe Kisses! If you love sweet small-town romance, you’ll want to make sure to check this one out HERE also available in Kindle Unlimited.

As an animal lover, the last thing Annaliese Bennett needs is a trapped bear in the shop across from her pet clothing store. But that's exactly what she finds when she returns from being out of town. Worse, the bear has been deliberately trapped by the shop's owner, Will Parker.

Will is starting a new life in the town of Reindeer Ridge. His shop, The Big Bear, sells novelty items while also providing guests the chance to see a live bear kept humanely in the back of the store. Unfortunately, the shop owner across the way seems to be determined to have his shop closed down.

But Annaliese soon begins to realize that Will isn’t the bad guy she wants to make him out to be. As their feelings for each other start to grow, they both begin to realize the importance of compromise.

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